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Food Box Review – Plated vs. HelloFresh

Recently I tried a couple of food box delivery services, both services offer home delivery of three recipes for two people.  There are additional services, but this is what I purchased and tried.  I tried both Plated and Hello Fresh.

Honestly, it was a fluke that I tried both as although it was a nice departure to try these services (I was in a cooking rut like no other), I wasn’t necessarily looking for this.  I found Hello Fresh on Groupon to try for $20.  Great deal! $20 for three meals for two.  You can’t get this anywhere.  Next, I found Plated.  I got a great deal on Plated as well, $24 for three meals for two.  While at this price, it’s a no brainer.  The normal prices are rather different, Hello Fresh is normally $69 per week for the three meals for two.  Whereas, Plated is $12 per meal, and if you do the three meals for the week the total for the week is $72.

With the Plated subscription, you are ultimately purchasing per plate, in multiples of two, four, or six.  Each week there are up to seven options to choose from.  I chose the three recipes that I thought my significant other and I would enjoy, and decided to go with Saturday delivery.  I selected the portobello burgers with salad, peanut chicken curry, and pollock with blood orange.

With the Hello Fresh subscription, there are two types of boxes, a classic box and the veggie box.  With each box there are four to five options to choose from.  I chose the classic box, and decided to go with Wednesday delivery.  I selected the shrimp jambalaya, lamb meatball pitas, and wild mushroom linguine.

The Plated subscription box was received on Saturday via Fed Ex and came in a thermal lined box and packed with dry ice packs.  Upon opening the box the recipe cards were on top, and the opening to the thermal lining.  Each associated recipe card has step by step instructions on how to prepare the ingredients for preparation.  Opening the lining revealed the components of each recipe come in individual packages with labels for ease of understanding what goes with what recipe.

My box arrived on Wednesday via Fed Ex and was left on my doorstep.  The food comes in a box that is thermal lined and packed with dry Ice packs.  Upon opening the box components of each recipe come in individual packages for ease of understanding what goes with what recipe.  The associated recipe card has step by step instructions on how to prepare the ingredients for preparation.

The first Plated meal that I made was the portobello burgers with salad.  The ingredients included were pre-portioned and ready to be prepared for cooking.  Ultimately, all that needed to be done was clean the mushroom caps, cut the carrots, onion, cucumbers, avocado and mix the ingredients.  Following the recipe on the card, I was able to complete the recipe in the allotted time.  Super easy to follow, step by step.

After taking some photos for my blog, came time for the taste test.  The dish came out delicious, I thoroughly enjoyed this burger and salad.

The first Hello Fresh meal I made was shrimp jambalaya.  The ingredients included were pre-portioned and ready to be prepared for cooking.  Ultimately, all that needed to be done was cut the onion, bell pepper, celery and green onions.  Following the recipe on the card, I was able to complete the recipe in the identified time.  Super simple, and easy to follow.  Upon completion, the taste test was the next step in my review.

After taking the obligatory photos for my blog, my sister, and friends.  The dish came out amazing, this recipe is delicious, all the ingredients fresh and wonderful.  I was now extra excited to try the other two dishes that came with the Hello Fresh box.

The two other recipes I received with Plated were also easy to put together and came out tasty.  Both the Peanut Chicken Curry and the Pollock with Blood Orange recipes were unique and well thought out meals.

The two other recipes I received with Hello Fresh were also very tasty and easy to prepare.  Both the Lamb Meatball Pitas, and the Wild Mushroom Fettuccine came out great.  Very flavorful and something that I look forward to having again.  All in all, this is something that I will plan on doing again in the near future.

In reviewing Plated and Hello Fresh, there were five areas that I compared cost, website, ease of preparation, freshness of food, and tastiness.  Then from an overall perspective.

  • Cost:  Hello Fresh
    • The cost comparison is pretty straight forward; per plate, Hello Fresh is $11.50, whereas Plated is $12.00.  While that is only a 50 cent difference per plate, it does add up to a three dollar difference overall.  So while not a huge gap, Hello Fresh does come out the clear winner here.
  • Website:  Plated
    • The overall experience with both the Plated and the Hello Fresh websites were pleasant ones, easy to use, understand and complete the actions needed to create an account and start a subscription.  While using these sites, I liked to the look and feel of the Plated site due to the fresh interface in which the recipes are presented.  Very dynamic and eye catching in my opinion.
  • Ease of Prep: Hello Fresh
    • Although Plated has more individually wrapped and identified ingredients, Hello Fresh has the ingredients put together in three separate bags, which I felt made things easier.  I also felt that the Hello Fresh recipe cards better spelled out what steps to take when.  Though the Plated recipes were also pretty easy to follow, the overall difficulty just seemed to be a little higher.
  • Freshness: Hello Fresh
    • The freshness of the ingredients are a very important aspect of these subscription boxes.  That being said, in my opinion Hello Fresh had better freshness overall.  The produce, lamb, and shrimp were all very fresh and would be the quality that I would pick if I were to go to the grocery store to pick up ingredients myself.  Whereas, with Plated there were a few items that I was a little disappointed in its freshness and quality.  The produce a little wilted, bruised or otherwise less than perfect.  Though the seafood was probably the nicest piece of pollock I’ve seen in a long time.
  • Tastiness:  Hello Fresh
    • The overall Tastiness of the recipes for me went hands down to Hello Fresh, while Plated was also good, it wasn’t as good as Hello Fresh in my opinion.  I do think the freshness of the ingredients, the ease of understanding the recipes, and the simplicity of the recipe had a lot to do with this choice.
  • Overall:  Hello Fresh
    • With the cost, ease of prep, freshness, and tastiness going for it, Hello Fresh is a great option.

In the Plated vs. Hello Fresh debate, I would choose Hello Fresh.  The flavor, ease, and options put this over the top for me, and lastly, the price made this a better option.  I felt that Plated tried a little too hard to ensure its recipes were unique and a little more gourmet; and while I enjoyed them.  This isn’t something that I would want to do regularly.  I will definitely be ordering with Hello Fresh again in the near future.  Although, it may not be something that I do weekly, it will be something that I use from time to time when life gets hectic, or I am in a cooking rut.  I enjoyed the recipe options and the quality of what was sent.  The overall ease of use made my evenings easy, and carefree.

If you would like to try either of these subscription food boxes, you can find my referral links below.  With each referral you will receive a discount on your first week subscription.  Both subscriptions can be canceled at anytime.

Hello Fresh – www.hellofresh.com  Referral Code – QTNGAN

Plated – https://www.plated.com/invites/2575b1

This review is my opinion and my opinion alone, I purchased both subscription boxes with discounts I found online.

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