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More Beauty Boxes!

Over the course of the last week between my day job and the things that I can’t say no to, I haven’t had any real time to sit down and get any posts done.  I received two more beauty boxes over the last week and am just getting around to unboxing them.

First, received the much touted and revered Birchbox.  For a monthly fee of $10 a month, this subscription comes around the middle of the month.  A very simple box arrived which contained a card that identified the contents within along with the items.    The wrapper, although simple, was very cute.  It was like opening a  great little gift.  The items that I received were the new scent from Catherine Malandrino, a facial cleanser from K6 Skincare, a LAQA & Co. Lip Pencil, the Noir Cosmetics Eyeliner, and Whish Shaving Cream.  I enjoyed this beauty box it had a little of everything granted not necessarily items I would choose, but things that I have either never heard of or items that are just outside my comfort zone.

Catherine Malandrino – the Style de Paris fragrance ~ Although for the price, I probably would never try this scent.  I actually enjoyed the light, fresh, and flowery scent.  I’m not a flowery scent kind of gal, but I liked the crispness of this scent.  Very fresh and light, if I had an opportunity I’d probably buy this given the chance.

K6 Skincare – Clean Antioxidant Facial Cleanser ~ I haven’t had the chance to see if this long term helps, but I liked the texture, feel and the way it lathers.  I’m hoping to use this a few more times and if its something I love I will post again.

LAQA & Co. Sheer Lip Lube Pencil in Bees Knees (Coral) ~ I love chunky lip pencils.  I loved the way this felt, but the color was just a bit too light for me.  I would try this again, but in a different color.

Noir Cosmetics – Long Wear Eyeliner in Black ~ I tend to use mostly liquid eyeliner as eyeliner transfers to my upper lid.  I loved the feel and its very pigmented.  I wore it most of the day and it stayed somewhat, but transferred quite a few times, so this isn’t something I would use normally,

Whish – Shave Crave Shaving Cream in Acai Grapefruit ~ I love this stuff, it has a great smell, feels great, and makes your skin feel nice.  I will definitely be purchasing this again.

I enjoyed this beauty box and plan on continuing to receive it for the immediate future at least.

Next, I received the Beauty Box 5 beauty box.  This beauty box subscription is rather new and is $12 a month, with some discounts depending on how you pay (quarterly or yearly plans).  In this case I received a coupon code to try this beauty box.  I liked this beauty box as it had a little of everything.

Upon opening the box, I encountered a card that also identified the contents of the beauty box.  I received the Purlisse moisturizer, La Fresh Makeup Remover, Nanacoco Lip Gloss, Novex Brazilian Keratin, and Style Essentials Nail Polish.

Purlisse Pur protect SPF 30 ~ This moisturizer was nice to use, not overly greasy or did it seem to clog my pores.  I haven’t seen how this works long term, but so far enjoy this product.

La Fresh Travel Lite Makeup Remover Wipes ~ I love makeup remover wipes, but these were not my favorite.  My initial thought was I couldn’t stand the scent of these.  They were an odd orchid scent that was a little overpowering.  Next, they didn’t take everything quite off.  I used the entire sheet and had to get a new one to finish removing my eye makeup.  Other than that, it has the basic requirements for makeup remover wipes.

Nanacoco Lip Gloss in Lovely ~ This lip gloss is very good, goes on nice and has decent staying power.  It didn’t make my lips feel too gross after removal but a little tacky.  I like the color and pigment with it.

Novex Brazilian Keratin ~ I haven’t used this quite just yet, but am very intrigued by the possibilities here.  I have short hair and don’t think much will be needed but am excited to try this.  Although, I hope it doesn’t flatten my hair like it the last keratin treatment I used did.

Style Essentials Nail Polish ~ This nail polish didn’t have a color that was identified, but this color was fun.  Sort of a fantastical mermaid shade.  There was a little bit of sparkle to this as well.  Not sure how long the polish will last and the consistency of it is a little thin but it could be fun to use here and there.

This beauty box was fun but I’m not sure if this is completely worth it.  But I am finding things that I haven’t used in the past.  We will see what comes of the last couple of items.

I have enjoyed the beauty boxes that I have received, and going forward I have a couple of new things that I will be using.  I will continue to check out more as I find them, but so far I have been enjoying trying out new things.

Have you tried either of these  beauty subscriptions?  Any products that you received in them that you can’t live without?  Have you tried any of these products?  What are your thoughts?

**This post and associated reviews are my and my alone.  No compensation was received from either of these companies.

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  • Posted: September 7, 2014 22:59

    Shireen L. Platt

    This looks like a really lovely box, will look into subscribing it soon after we settled down in our new place. Do wonder if they ship to Canada... Reflection of Sanity

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