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40 Before 40! My journey to discovering new things…

About a year and a half ago, a couple of high school classmates and I decided it would be a good idea to push ourselves and try 40 new things before we turn 40.  Things we’ve always wanted to do, things we’ve been afraid to do, and some things that we’ve just never gotten around to doing.  Over the course of the next year we went through figuring out what we want on our lists, from simple things like building a snowman (not originally from the arctic tundra that is Minnesota), to a more complex event like going up in a hot air balloon.  Recently I finished creating the list and all while changing a few things around here and there.  I wanted to share the idea and what I have included on my list so far, as well as what’s been completed so far with pics (p.s. sorry about some of the grainy photos, didn’t originally plan on sharing them in this format).  Overall the goal is to finish all 40 by the time we turn 40 (so just about 7 years left, eek..), and follow it up with a trip or something to compare notes. Although this may not seem like a very big deal to some, it’s a creative way to do some things I might otherwise, not do.  Whether it be because it’s not a big deal, I’m a little scared too, or it just had never crossed my mind.  So far I’ve completed 14 items off of my 40 before 40 list, and have one or two things lined up for the remainder of the year.  Although 40 may seem a far way off, as I get older the faster the years seem to go by.  Just this evening it dawned on me that I graduated from high school, 15 years ago. Oh my, we’re getting old.  Anyway, here is my list, what would your’s look like?  Let me know what your thoughts, dreams and ideas are, what do you want to do before turning 40?

40 Before 40!

  1. Get a Permit to Carry – 5/30/2013
  2. Go Ice Fishing – 2/16/2013
  3. Go Ice Golfing – 3/9/2013
  4. Polar Plunge – 3/2/2013
  5. See the Bean in Chicago (Cloud Gate) – 07/01/2013
  6. Indoor Rock Climbing – 3/1/2013
  7. See the New Kids on the Block – 07/20/2013
  8. All-inclusive Trip – (1/30/2014 – 2/5/2014)
  9. Ziplining02/03/2014
  10. Swim in a Cenote – 02/03/2014
  11. Go to MLB All Star Game – 07/15/2014
  12. Go to Home Run Derby – 07/14/2014
  13. Visit Sky Ledge – 01/07/2013
  14. See “The Phantom of the Opera” – 12/20/2013
  15. Build a Snowman
  16. Skeet Shoot
  17. Deer Hunting
  18. Fly fishing
  19. Snowboard
  20. Scuba Diving
  21. Snowmobiling
  22. See the Twins play the White Sox in Chicago
  23. Go to Wrigley Field
  24. Go to Camden Yards
  25. Go to Fenway Park
  26. Visit the Florida Keys
  27. Ice Skate
  28. Ride a Horse
  29. Go Bow Fishing
  30. Canoe the Boundary Waters
  31. See Mount Rushmore
  32. Go to Deadwood
  33. Hot Air Balloon
  34. Use Heavy Machinery
  35. Indoor Skydiving
  36. Learn how to make Wine
  37. Go to a Murder Mystery Dinner
  38. Go Grape Stomping
  39. ParaSail
  40. Get Masters degree


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  • Posted: August 13, 2014 16:22


    What a fun idea. I don't have a specific list as such but now if i see any opportunity to try something I've never done before I take it. Some I'll never do again - like flyfishing.....Life does whizz by scarily fast. Sure you'll have a fantastic time ticking things off.
    • Posted: August 14, 2014 20:15

      Jess Lee

      Thanks, I have so far and will update the list periodically with new pics. And I totally agree there are things that I'm never doing again.
  • Posted: September 3, 2014 08:55


    Such a cool idea! Jeez, I have tons and tons of things that I want to do before I turn 40. Well, even before I turn 30. I better make myself a list and start with some action :)! Thanks for the motivation, this was just what I needed :). xx https://gita-oddsandends.blogspot.com/

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