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Welcome to A Life Jess Ordinary!

Welcome to A Life Jess Ordinary!  I’m here to share with you the ups and downs, the trials and tribulations, as well as the good and bad times throughout this thing we call life.  Over the course of my 32 years here on earth, I’ve experienced some pretty wonderful, interesting, and tough things.

Through all of this there are a couple of constants, Family, Friends, and WINE!  All play a very important role in life.

The most current adventure in my life currently is this blog, so instead of writing a blog about a blog (lol), I’m going to write a blog about something that has always been  a pet peeve of mine.

Getting gussied up for a sporting event.  Yes, I understand looking good and wanting to put your best foot forward; but ensuring that you take into account the event your attending.  At sporting events, usually a lot of walking occurs (i.e. comfortable/shoes you can tolerate for a while).  Also, bleachers/seats in sports arenas are pretty close short skirts/dresses will leave little to the imagination for the guy/gal sitting in front of/below you.

Taking your event and what you will be doing there is a huge part of life.  Dressing for that will not only ensure your comfort but make sure that you don’t accidentally embarrass yourself at  a public event or even possibly a nationally televised one.   Now that I’ve gotten that out there, feel free to enjoy your time at whatever sporting event you attend.  The athleticism, the improbable plays, and the strategy behind every moment of the game should be more than enough to keep you occupied.  Or there’s always the food, drinks and people watching.   Whatever you’re there for ENJOY!         pinterest-fa18d

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  • Posted: July 23, 2014 18:52


    Hey Jess, I like the blog and totally agree about people dressing inappropriately for sporting events.

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